Monday, November 15, 2010

Pictures with a Creative Edge!

Here are some ways to make photos of loved ones extra special. Live past the ordinary, be extraordinary!


Spark some interest with unique props in your photos! Get props that stand out. Headbands, hats, scarfs, angel wings and crowns. Anything you can find in your house will do! Have fun playing dress-up.


Don't be afraid to play with colour. Make an object stand out. Brighten, darken, enhance or change colours. A little bit of colour can go a long way!

Both of these photos are beautiful in different ways. The first is dreamy and warm, however the second is timeless and reminds me of those old postcards taken in France (think little boy kissing little girl). Ooooh la la, tres adorable!

Focus / Aperture.

Play around with your aperture settings. My favourite photos have a wide aperture resulting in an image that is sharp around the focal point, and blurred otherwise. It creates an amazing depth of field! Please play with aperture!


Movement is hard to master. You need to be extremely steady with your hand. You have to be focusing on your focal point and light is essential! With a lot of natural light, your subject can move more freely. Less natural light, they need to be statue-like! Sometimes still pictures can be fun if they look like they are moving. Go ahead and trick your eye!

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