Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Kid Cooks

A couple weeks ago, some of my students got-a-cookin' in the kitchen! They created delicious dishes, like homemade pizza from scratch, including the dough and the sauce! I have never been more proud to see the effort they put into their masterpieces. Thin crust, olive oil and cornmeal to satisfy your taste buds! It tasted like a pizza made in Italy!

Also, we fixed our sweet tooth craving as we finished off with a healthy dessert, yogurt parfait! Delicious!

Kid Cooks is a local business, here in North Vancouver run by the beautiful Karen Kero. Its just starting out, and going to kick all cooking classes' butt because this cooking class is specially designed for children!

Stay tuned for something big out of this cooking class!

For more visit the Kid Cook website:

Or, their Facebook page:

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