Tuesday, March 29, 2011

BVI Beauty!

Over spring break I visited the beautiful island of Tortola in the British Virgin Islands. Take a look at some of the beauty captured and what makes this island, "nature's little secret".

Top 5 things to do in the BVI:
5. Explore the baths on Virgin Gorda.
4. Eat a roti, and make a stop at the chicken stand.
3. Scuba dive, paddleboard and watch the sunset all in the same day. Throw in a bon fire if you aren't too tired.
2. Hit the Bomba Shack and Last Resort. Everyone loves a good island party!
1. Rent a boat for two and cruise through to the different islands. There are about 60 different islands so there is a lot to see!

I love collages, what better way to demonstrate the island's variety of colour than with pictures of doors from Road Town!?

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw these flowers. Last year I took a shot of the first picture seen here and came back to the exact spot only to have found more of these tiny flowers peering up to catch some sun.

I waited days to take a picture of this red door. Every time I came by it, there was always a car illegally parked in its way. Here's the trick: wake up really really early on a weekend. Behind these doors was the first prison on the island, and it is recorded that many of the prisoners bodies were buried on the grounds.

Night shots. Love them and get take enough of them! I love the red colours that pop!

My new favourite colour combo.

Bananakeet Cafe. Best view of the sunset.

This next photo has to be one of my favourites ever taken. I can't get over the dramatic contract of a beautiful sunset mixed with heavy clouds rolling in. This one was taken right from the view of the house Dramatic!

Off the beaten track. Venturing through Sage Mountain National Park, I just had to take a shot of the red sand beneath my blue flip flops.

Right outside the front door.   :O !!!!!

Pile of Conch shells.

An amazingly pink sunset, fit perfectly in time with a romantic dinner.

Private Island for the day, Sandy spit. I jumped right off the boat and swam alone (eeeek) to enjoy the peace of having the island all to myself.

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