Saturday, April 30, 2011

Photo Editing

I love showing before and after shots! "Photoshopping" is one of my favourite things in photography, and the more experienced you become with taking a great shot, the less editing you should have to do. Take a look at this example.

Lisa is a beautiful girl who does not need very much editing. This is the original shot taken, without any editing. It is a beautiful shot, but the colours are a little bland for my liking and need some minor changes.

This was the edited picture. Lisa has flawless skin and only needed a slight skin smoothing effect, and the only other changes made to the picture are a contrast adjustment, eye sharpening, and colour enhancing. But you can see the two are very similar.

Now, take a look at this! I recently installed a plug-in with my photo software (the name will remain a secret though). And the next two photos give even more interest to the photo!

Photo 1: I am in LOVE with how washed out this photo is. To me, this colouring gives the shot a lot of innocence, and purity, and it goes very well with Lisa's fair skin.

Photo #2: I am equally, if not more in love with the editing on this one. It gives so much depth to the picture, and a sense of ruggedness. I can't quite decide which one I like more.

Take a look at some more before and afters:

Erin and Antonio:
Small cropping, color and contrast effects.

Mr. D.O.G:
Sharpening, contrast and vignette effects.

Items for Craigslist:
Its important your photos look good for a quick and easy sale! (Notice the scratch marks were taken out?)

Eye color saturation, contrast increase and general colour enhancing.

Increase of yellow tones, vintage look, contrast increase and eye sharpening.

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