Thursday, July 14, 2011


What a trip we've had so far! In one week, we covered four amazing Vietnam spots! Hanoi, Ha-Long Bay, Sapa and Ha Noi. Take a look a what I captured from each!

Hanoi was a busy city and a lot bigger than I was expecting! The locals mainly use motor bikes to get around and the sound of honking is loud and never ending. We took a walk through the city to be greeted by vendors selling pretty much anything you could imagine, and stopped to relax at the old city "Hoan Kiem Lake." I gotta say, it was busy, smelly, very hot and we were ready for water and less people!

Ha Long bay was a breath of fresh air - literally! We boarded our "junk" with 8 other people and set sail into the beautiful green waters, surrounded by hundreds of limestone haystacks. Our tour included a one night stay aboard our vessel, sea kayaking and cave exploration. It was so nice to finally kick start our adventure in sun and good living! 

Next, we left the coast and headed up north on a 8-hour night train to the Sapa region. We were greeted by the local villagers. This was by far a major highlight of the trip as the people were so unique with their clothing, stories and exuberant personality! It was nice to chat and get to know different cultures and see their villages. We hiked through the mountains on a trekking experience, and withstood the heavy rain, mud and steep hills.

Finally to end our Vietnam experience, we headed south to Hoi An. This is the place to go if you want custom clothes made and boy did we do just that! I had shoes, shorts, a dress, and pants made all for $50.  We also found Hoi An to have the best dishes, and took advantage of the locally made food from street vendors. 

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