Sunday, July 17, 2011

When Travelling Through Asia...

Well, I learned the hard way that there are many things in life we don't need to take with us when (backpacking) through Asia. Here are ten things you should NOT bring when wanting to travel lightly:

1. Jewellery - biggest mistake.
2. Half your camera equipment - here's where I planned ahead! I left behind random chargers, my flash and  extra batteries. Best decision I ever made. I could have done without one extra large lens as well. Stick to the necessities!
3. High heels - I wouldn't even bring these to Europe, Las Vegas - yes, but here no!
4. Fancy flats - I just bought a fake pair of Havaianas and they are by far the most used shoe I could have in my bag, fancy that!
5. Underwear - limited yourself to 7, and bathing suits - 3
6. Make up - I'm not kidding you, the only things I have put on my face is mascara. I should have left the make up bag and its contents at home.
5. Books - lets be realistic, the only reading you will get done is sitting on a beach, but don't expect it when hiking through mountains, site seeing and travelling place to place every three days.
4. A backpackers bag - my man has been complaining since we left about how he's gotta take everything out of his bag just to get to one thing in the bottom. When deciding on a bag, bring a rolly :) or if you choose a backpack, make sure it opens vertically and not just at the top!
3. Sweater - only one and ditto to pants.
2. Hair dryer - I ditched mine within the first 4 days and have stuck to air drying.
1. A watch - time doesn't matter here in Asia :)

When deciding on what to bring, stick to what you can live with if you are trying to be a simplest. Once we reach Thailand, I am shipping half this baggage back to Canada so I can live lightly. What's most important is that I've got my camera on my back to capture all the important parts :)

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