Sunday, August 28, 2011


Happy happy days in the Philippines. Not only was it the last stop in Asia, it was also the most relaxing and laid back! A whole ten days were spent lounging, soaking up the sun and getting involved in some fun water sports! High on the list was scuba diving, where I finally overcame of fear of clearing my mask and became certified! Thanks to Calypso Diving who made this experience so memorable and exciting for me! A special thank you to Chris!

The first 5 days were spent in Boracay (a highlight of the 6-week vacation). Not only is this island super easy to get to, it is packed with activities to keep you occupied for a year if you were to stay that long! The people in the Philippines were the nicest you could ever imagine, so warm and friendly, and willing to help you in any case of trouble - like a monkey bite! Ouch! 

We later embarked on a flight to Palawan, which if you have time, we were told to check out the north, El Nido. We stopped to take a look at the Underground River in Puerto Princesa. The river is nominated as one of the NEW 7 Wonders of the World

However, after thinking about how we should spend the last three days of our Asian Adventure, our love for Boracay took us back! When in Boracay, here are some MUSTS you absolutely MUST do:
(just some) 
1. Diving 
2. Sun set sail on the blue Philippine boats
3. Get a burger from Nigi Nigi's
4. Watch "The Boss"
5. Do these everyday, on repeat.

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