Monday, August 8, 2011

Southern Thailand

I have to say, this summer has been pretty amazing, and I have been lucky enough to see everything I have seen!! From Vietnam, to Laos and all the many stops we've made in Thailand, this has been a summer I thought I could only wish for! All of Thailand was top notch, but here are a few quick glimpses at southern Thailand. 

Phi Phi Islands

Phi Phi was not originally a stop on our agenda, but who are we kidding? It is filled with other travellers our age, it is beyond beautiful, and how can you by-pass Maya Bay where the famous "The Beach" was filmed? We found ourselves having a lot of fun in the sun, exploring the big hike which overlooks the whole island, and many different activities to partake in during the day and night.


Krabi is a gem! This was my second time in Krabi and it was just as good as the first! The old town has remained practically untouched, and it is defiantly the most quaint city from the rest. We enjoyed the tiger temple, but got a little too carried away feeding all the monkeys. I even have a monkey scratch to prove it! Nearby you can visit the waterfalls to cool off after your long hike up the temple, and if your feeling really brave, you can be like the locals and rent a scooter to check out the beaches. Just watch out for rusty nails, we had our tire punctured and had to catch the local tuk tuk back into town.

Koh Samui

As a last stop in Thailand we made our way to Koh Samui. Three days just was not enough time to discover what this island has to offer, and of course you realize that the day you have to leave. Samui had some of the nicest beaches and it was very relaxed and nice to escape the hustle bustle we experienced in Bangkok and Phi Phi. Plus I got to see my friends Lauren and Mike who were visiting as well!

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