Sunday, November 6, 2011

Steveston, BC

This past weekend I hopped over to Steveston, BC. Located right outside of Richmond. I have wanted to check out this little coastal town for some time now. It had a strange familiarity of my hometown in Ontario, and so I felt right at home. Unlike the mountainous background we have in the city of Vancouver, Steveston was flatter, and calmer. One thing that stuck out to me was the tall yellow grass that you just don't find in the city.

If you explore a little you will find some of the best fish and chips you can get, and even that is an understatement, it was beyond delicious! Take a stroll down to the fishing docks and each fisherman is on the stern selling the catch of the day. They have everything from shrimp, to halibut and look hard enough and you can find sea urchin. Its fishy fun!

Here is a Top 101 of things to do in Steveston!

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