Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summer Break Coming Up!

This spring has been of my favourites actually! Busy, but rewarding! In my photography world, I got to know some great people and it was a busy haul until the end of the school year. Now that we've only got 5 days until summer break starts, I am doing all my last minute errands to get myself caught up and ready for it. Between packing, moving out of my place, and doing a little bit of website management, I got to looking through some of my travel photos in the past couple years.

This summer's line up of travel is quite exciting, and I am inviting you to stay connected through my blog on my travel adventure. If you are travelling, here are some hints on what to narrow in on with your own photography to capture the essence of what makes your destination memorable and special!

Click here to read the Top 10 Things to Photograph on Every Vacation found from the MCP Actions Blog.

Dates Away: June 29 - August 29

Here are some of my favourites from last years trip to Asia


Thursday, June 14, 2012

A little piece of Zuniga

As this time of the year is graduation, the Zuniga family and I thought we'd get together for some fun family snaps before their oldest son, Humberto leaves for University. Taking the next step forward in a new chapter of your life is always an exciting time, but can also be scary to leave everything you are familiar with behind. It was so sweet to see the bond between these siblings, and hear them say to their big brother, "we're going to miss you."