Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Botteselle Surprise

North Vancouver is great... It is really the people here that make up such a wonderful community! I have been blessed that families in this area choose me to be their photographer, and recommend me to others. This set of siblings contacted me to surprise their parents with photos as a gift towards their 20th wedding anniversary. I couldn't resist since I am also close with their mom who works at my school.
Now you should know, that I taught the youngest two, since I have lived in Vancouver. Matteo, the youngest had been my student for four years, and graduated last year. As I finished taking his photos he said "Thanks Kayla" as opposed to Miss Beiler, or as the kids call me, Mademoiselle. I had a true kick out of that, that we can be totally comfortable with each other regardless of the fact that I was his teacher practically his whole primary days!
Check out the extent these guys went to in constructing amazing signs for their parents. A lot of love went into this shoot :)

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