Monday, February 25, 2013

Stanley Park Engagement - Jen + Rein

It all began back in 2005 where Jen and Rein both worked on a high rise construction site in UBC called the Promontory. Rein was on the construction management side of things, and Jen was on the sales side. Rein patrolled the jobsite and solved problems while Jen showed the display home to prospective buyers. It wasn't long before Rein learned that there was a cute, but VERY shy, redhead in the sales office next to the job site.

The courting process was slow and also very innocent. He would routinely pay visits to the sales office to warm up and drink orange juice from the stocked fridge and maybe share a word with Jenny, or at least catch a glimpse as she was usually was too shy to engage in his company. This usually left him with no choice but to speak to her sales partner Kerry... as things were not going according to plan. Needing to step up his game, he took to loitering around the parking lot and pretended to be working as she arrived for work in the morning. Then he get in an awkward "Hi, how are you?" small talk situation.

These baby steps carried on for what seemed like an eternity. However, in the end, she finally took notice of his intentions after the parking lot had been flooded one day and he fashioned a path out of paving stones to the sales office door from her parking spot. A long story short, the ball was officially set in motion to go on a double date. They went downtown to a cabaret-style karaoke bar where he sang "Desperado" in front of a large crowd of strangers, no less. He got to thinking...' the things we do for love, eh?'

Now fast forward to last was a lovely Saturday, and he had it all planned out. They would spend the day together, pick up some fresh ingredients and cook a nice meal, and when Etta James' "At Last" came on, he would pop the all mighty question. It went mostly like that. They were cooking indian (which was odd because they never really ate indian food together) and Jen was getting pissed off at something to do with the stove. Rein was getting anxious and knew the time was coming, so he fast forwarded his playlist to his specially chosen song and hit play. As it played, he was really feeling at peace and just took in the moment. But it was time for action. He mentioned to Jen that he had always thought that "At last" would be the song he'd want to have playing when he ask her to marry him. With her back to him, she snorts "that's sooooo predictable..." and continues chopping up some onion. HUH???! Needless to say, he's somewhat staggered by this, so much for spice and everything nice. Feeling somewhat sick to his stomach now, he knew there was no turning back. So with Jen cursing at her chopped onion which got knocked to the floor, Rein, at this point (feeling not unlike someone who was about to jump out of a tree) leaned in to help and then asked her if she was looking for "this"...a very modest, but very sparkly ring.

Finally, after some shock, and lots of tears...she said "yes".
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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Miss K

Introducing Miss Kim, the beautiful and confident...
I'll the let pictures do the talking :)