Sunday, April 28, 2013

Carisbrooke Park with Miss J and Miss S

I asked two of my little ones from school if I could test out my new lens on them, and some lovely head pieces, and sure enough our photoshoot turned out to be a fun day at the park. It was so sweet hearing them do my "icebreaker drill" ie. getting comfortable in the camera. Big sister asks little sister what she learned at school, how sweet to ask in front of the French teacher. The two were just adorably cute together.

Carisbrooke Park North Vancouver Photo
Acting in Vancouver Photo

Floral headpiece photo

sisters photo

headpiece photo
family photographer north vancouver photo

And then baby brother stopped by the park. I  stop couldn't help myself, what a cute baby!

brother and sister photo

family photographer north vancouver photo

north vancouver family photographer photo

blue headpiece photo
white headpiece photo

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