Thursday, May 30, 2013

British Virgin Islands

I have been meaning to update my blog posting on the British Virgin Islands for so long now. First off, since re-vamping my blog earlier this year, I noticed some of my first postings just didn't do justice for my photos. Secondly, I have had so many people ask me questions about this beautiful destination and shown interest in going, putting up more pictures is a must!

In the many times I have gone to visit the BVI's (yes, having a boyfriend who lived on Tortola made it all the more appealing) I have come to think of it as a place I am constantly wanting to go back to. I love that fact that it is so down to earth and its not your typical "tourist destination". Think of the most beautiful place on earth and eliminate the large chains of resorts and you are left with true paradise...that's the BVI's.

Now you're probably wondering what to do in the BVI's, so I have created a top ten. (With the help of a pretty cute guy who used to live there).

1. The Baths at Virgin Gorda
2. Sailing through the local islands
3. Cane Garden Bay - a great surf spot, or lounging on the beach
4. Visiting Sandy Spit - and try and run around it in 2 minutes
5. Soggy Dollar and the Willy T
6. Diving! Simply amazing.
7. Dinner at The Dove
8. Anegada (a fair way to get to, but well worth it)
9. Visiting the Bomba shack for a full moon party.
10. Foxy's for New Years Eve or the Last Resort for live music any night of the week.

downtown road town photo
sunset bvi photojail road town photo tortola bvi photosailing bvi photo sandy spit photo conch shells bvi photo bananakeet cafe tortola photo downtown road town photo view from bananakeet photodoors in tortola photo bomba shack photofood in the bvi photo trellis bay photo chicken wagon road town photosailing bvi photo wasps photo bananakeet photo flowers in the bvi phototortola bvi photomarina cay bvi phototop of tortola photomarine life bvi phototrellis bay photomarina cay bvi phototortola bvi phototortola bvi photo
map of bvi photo
ocean bvi photo
cane garden bay bvi photohammock in paradise photopaddleboarding bvi photobvi phototrees bvi photothe baths virgin gorda phototrellis bay photoplants in the bvi photothe baths virgin gorda photosunset bvi photo the baths virgin gorda photosailing bvi photosurfing in the bvi photo


  1. Beautiful photos, I want to go back! And I will have to if I want to accomplish 4, 5 & 7 on the list!

  2. Friends did tell me to visit Tortola's premiere restaurant but I always thought it was pricey. And now I just feel I missed out. But not for long, I'm actually looking forward crash something off my bucket list this December, which includes excessive liquor, the old year and Great Harbour in Jost Van Dyke! Hope my cheapskate self won't activate so I can dine at the Dove. Oh, lovely, amazing, awesome pictures!

  3. Beautiful pictures - I really like the one of the couple (you?) kissing in the Baths.