Monday, June 17, 2013

Watters Creek

It was a pleasure spending time with the Watters Family this weekend! It's days like this where I feel so lucky to be doing what I'm doing! I just adore this family, they are so special! They showed me around some of their special places, like the creek in their backyard (lucky lucky) and the little spot where they flood the water to create a pool. And hopefully the water will be a little warmer this summer! :)

I have been teaching all three kids since moving out West, and as I am sad to see Nate (the eldest) and his classmates graduate this year, I am excited for what lies ahead for them. His class was there to greet me as their teacher in Gr.3 and now they graduate from Gr.7, they are the class who I have been with the longest while working in North Vancouver.

This was a special moment...little brother Zack drew this when he was in Kindergarten, a picture of him and his big brother. What a sweet drawing, I just had to include the memory.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Love the Loves!

(kids go by the Plunketts)

I absolutely fell in love with this family over the weekend! They are the cutest little bunch, the type of family you just look at and admire the relationship they have with each other. They were so easy going, talkative and fun loving! The perfect combo for a photographer who can't stop talking!

I met these folks in the Fall where we had our first photoshoot but it was cut short due to the rain. And when I say they were so easy going, I really mean it, so willing to postpone our shoot to the Spring. I mean how do you do patient for your photos like that? Well done guys!

We had some fun in the outdoors, starting out at Second Beach, Stanley Park and finishing off at Cleveland Dam in North Vancouver followed by a casual cocktail party at the family's residence for Patrick's graduation.  Janine Love (the Mrs.) is exceedingly talented as an interior stylist and designer. I was BLOWN away from her work, her house was stunning and decorated perfectly! The ideal mix of antique meets modern. Check out her work here: Janine Love Design. A big congratulations to you Pat who will be attending University of Ottawa next year!

second beach photo

stanley park family photography photo

second beach seawall photo

stanley park family photography photo
family walking photo
brother and sister photo

lovely family photo
north vancouver family portraits photo

black and white family photo

candid family photo

details in photography photo

stacking books photo
food and wine photo
pinning on boutineer photo

friends at grad photo
food and wine party photo

boutineer photo

corsage photo
pinning on boutineer photo

parents and grad photo

girls prom dress photo

girls prom dress photo

friends and prom photo

hugo boss suit photo

Patrick Plunkett photo