Sunday, July 28, 2013

Europe - Nice, France and a little Monaco

The first thing I heard when we arrived in Nice was "It's so nice in Nice!" I underestimated how nice it would be, and wish I could have planned our trip to be longer than three nights in this coastal part of France. Even though I have visited Nice before, I never saw so many things I saw this time around. I am proud to say, I stayed in the coolest part of town, the Vieille Ville (old city), and with all the character wrapped up in this area, it was the best choice!

I was recommended to hike up and see the Colline du Chateau, which had beautiful views of all of Nice, but it was bloody hot and so I didn't get to see everything it had to offer, and all I wanted to do was jump in the ocean below me. Thank god the walk down was pretty easy and led right to the beautiful blue water! I would highly recommend doing this hike and maybe exploring a little more than we did.

A 20 min train ride away is Monaco - one of the smallest and richest countries in the world. You can expect to see really expensive cars, big spenders and the famous casino, the Monte Carlo. A bigger hit for the Aussie Man, Adam, was the fact that Monaco hosts the Formula 1 Grand Prix, and so I was forced into doing and entire lap of the track. Great fun!
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