Saturday, July 20, 2013

Europe - Paris, France

I have been to Paris a couple times now, but never with my hunnie. So when we set out on a summer trip this year, it was easy to choose Europe as our destination to go to. Guaranteed great weather, lots of culture and delicious food. Check, check and check!

Paris was our first stop. We set up shop in Montmartre, close to Sacre Coeur which has lots of quaint streets to walk. It is so easy to get around Paris, and I became our translator for just about everything... they don't call me Mademoiselle for nothing ;)

Here is my top 10 (in order)

1. Buy some sliced meats, cheeses, baguette and wine/champagne and enjoy the afternoon under the Eiffel Tower.
2. Sacre Coeur - check out the cathedral and don't forget the surrounding area!
3. Arc de Triomphe and Champs Élysées. Love going up the Arc de Triomphe - best view of the city!
4. The Latin Quarter and St. Michel - love this area! Very touristy, but great restaurants to choose from that are very reasonable priced, and lots of action!
5. Trying new foods. Adam decided to try Boeuf Tartar (a delicacy) and was surprised that he was served a plate of raw ground beef. I swear I didn't know what this was...
6. Notre Dame Cathedral - stunning inside and out.
7. Musée du Louvre
8. The Canals over La Seine - loved walking along these and they just make Paris so beautiful
9. Meet and hang out with the people from Paris! An excellent cultural experience.
10. Eiffel Tower at night. This pretty much states....if you leave #1 before sunset, go back later.  We were lucky enough to be in Paris on Bastille Day (La Fête Nationale) a celebration of the revolution, so we celebrated like the French do, under the Eiffel Tower with an amazing concert and Firework show!

arc de triomphe photo
arc de triomphe view photo
the eiffel tower black and white photo

picnic under the eiffel tower photo

train stations paris photo

the louvre photo

notre dame photo

food in france photo

canals in paris photo

what does new paris look like photo

food and drink in paris photo

croissants in paris photo

sacre coeur garden photo

sacre coeur garden photo
view from sacre coeur photo
sacre coeur montmartre photo

details in paris photo

canals in paris photo

canals in paris photo

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