Sunday, August 25, 2013

Europe - Dubrovnik, Croatia

It was short lived, just a quick 2-day stop in and out of Dubrovnik, and if we were given more time, we would have stayed longer. Since my last visit to Croatia, it is clear this destination has become increasingly popular. It was so hard to find somewhere to stay, and we were forced into staying outside the old walls a couple kilometres away. Number one, if you are going to Dubrovnik, plan ahead and find a location close to the old town, it's a must.

But there is one thing I did right :) If you are wondering what is the best way to get from Greece to Croatia, which is what we had to do, it was by plane (Crete-Dubrovnik) Otherwise, it will take many ferries, trains, and buses to do it. The hike is exhausting, and very time consuming. However, a positive way of looking at it is you'll see a lot of the country and its part of the long as you don't mind the schlepping.

Dubrovnik is one of the most medieval towns I have ever seen, walls built up high around a small community, and big dungeon doors are what's typical of the villager's home here, and expect the see suited guards at the base of old town.

I highly recommend walking the old town walls. Entrance in is about 90 Kunas, about $16 CAD. Its a 2km walk overlooking Dubrovnik and the water.
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