Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Vancouver Lifestyle Portraits - Featuring PurpleDirt Jewelry Line

Remember when you were a kid? Did anyone ever mouth the words "elephant shoe" to you? And maybe you thought they were saying "I love you". Come on, we all did it at one point! This was just one of the inspirations Erin Walker, a Vancouver philanthropist used for her amazing jewelry line PurpleDirt.

PurpleDirt is a collective of female artists and organizers based in Nicaragua and Canada that believe fashion is a platform for social enrichment and change. The organization was created to support Nicaraguan artisans striving for an end to poverty in the country they love.

They create one of a kind, expressive jewelry using raw materials primarily sourced in Nicaragua and up-cycled materials from Canada and donate proceeds back into the community. Their work draws on inspiration from two district cultures with a  common vision; to create a world where diversity is embraced and individuals are empowered to collectively make the world a better place.

seashells and bangles photo
puppy in a fashion segment photo

cruiser bike in lifestyle photo

bracelets and the beach photo
elephant shoe bracelet photo
ukulele lifestyle photo 
mexican blanket and jewelry photo
falling sand photo

kimberly moir photo

girls on cruiser bikes photo

purpledirt photo

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