Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Vancouver Baby Photography - Little Miss A

Four months ago, one of my best friends Erika, went through the most difficult pregnancy imaginable. She was in and out of the hospital for months due to kidney stones, and because she was pregnant, she was unable to have a proper surgery to remove them. It was so difficult to see, and we were all counting down the day Miss A was born, so Erika could be relieved of her pain! (Plus we couldn't wait to meet her!!) This little one has just been a blessing to everyone in her life, and it's amazing that every time I see her, there are new changes and she is growing and growing each day...maybe a little too quickly!

Erika came by for a little visit, and although we didn't have a photoshoot planned, I couldn't help but grab my camera seeing little baby sleep!
babys feet photo

baby sucking thumb photo

bowties on babies photo

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