Friday, August 29, 2014

Matt Kennedy Workshop - Adam + Kayla

Have you guys heard of Matt Kennedy? I'd be surprised if you haven't, but if not, let me begin by telling you how AWESOME he is! Matt is a photographer in the Vancouver, B.C area who is just amazingly talented! I saw that he was offering mentoring sessions and looking for couples and photographers to join him in mini-sessions in the Vancouver area. Of course, I had to jump on this, and since I have the world's best boyfriend, who is always willing to do pretty much anything photography related, I signed him up too! For once, it was our turn to be in front of the camera.

One thing I love about Matt is that he shares the same philosophy with me, in that a couples session can be for anyone, whether your dating, engaged, married, or married with kids. There's nothing more amazing than having some photos up on your wall, and I am so thankful for doing this, even happier that I made a friend out of our session!

For our whole session by Matt, you can go here!!!

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