Monday, March 16, 2015

North Vancouver Engagement Photography - Damien + Anita

Anita and Damien, these two just ooze LOVE!!! We got together in Lynn Valley in North Vancouver for their engagement session, and might I add, early enough to avoid the crowd! When I met Anita, only a couple weeks prior to our session, she told me their beautiful proposal story:

They had hiked up a 5.5 hour trail to Spruce Lake, near the cabin they had been staying at. Damien took Anita out to the dock to take in the incredible view and then asked her to be his wife! Which of course she said "YES"! But in all the excitement of the proposal, she accidentally gave Damien her wrong hand, and could not get the ring off in light of her chubby post hiking hands. When they had left the dock to walk back up to the cabin, all of the family was on the deck where they surprised everyone with their good news! This was also when Anita learned the wonders of Windex, and how to remove a ring on a slightly larger finger ;) Once the ring was free, it was just common sense for Damien to ask a second proposal in front of the family for the ring to go on the correct hand!

I'm so excited for you guys! And can't wait for your wedding, in just a couple of weeks!!!
See the whole gallery here!

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