Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Kitchener-Waterloo Family Photography - Pepper Family

I met Sarah in my first year at the University of Western Ontario, in good old, Saugeen Residence! Everyone at Western knew that Saugeen was no one's first choice, but deep down, everyone that lived there was secretly happy they were placed there! So many fun times to be had in a quick year, and we made good friends along the way!

Well shortly after school ended, and we went our separate ways, we kept in touch via Facebook, and when I came home to Ontario to visit my family this July, Sarah and I set a date for photos! I got to meet her little man, who by the way, is the cutest most cuddly little bear I've ever met! Andrew, it was such a pleasure re-conecting with you as well :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Kitchener-Waterloo Family Photography - Mackuliak Family

This beautiful momma and I go way back. I met Angela in Grade 7, and we've been friends ever since! Although we live in opposite sides of the country, when we get together, we're able to pick up right where we've left off! Well, Ange has been busy, in the time we graduated University, she got married to her man, Michael, and had a beautiful little girl, and those eyes of hers!! This little family is so sweet, and of course I am so honoured to capture these special moments <3 

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