Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Vancouver Family Photography - The Funk Family

It was about three years ago, my man Adam and I went out for dinner in the West End to the Capital. A place where the whole menu is $5, and is pretty crowded for dinner any night of the week. It was of course a busy night and the music was loud. We were waiting in line, when I spotted this couple in front of us. Being the biggest Bachelor fan, I couldn't help but think how much the guy looked like Jason Mesnick. The place was so crowded so they sat the four of us at the communal tables, and I think we were all happy they did. The rest was history, we were friends!

Fast forward a couple years and these two are living happily ever forever with their two sweet twins, one little girl and one little boy, like come on...everyone's dream! The true Canadian dream! I am so happy we met Lindsay and Nathaniel, and what a beautiful family you have! XO

To see some of their favourites, click here!

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